This September a team of 6 people will attempt a Guinness Book of Records Swim event.

The team is a 6 SWIMMER RELAY beginning in HolyHead and swimming in rotation to Dublin! This amazing team of athletes is made up by Ger Devin, Ger Kennedy, Dee Newell, Richard Dunne, Garretth McDermot and Pakie Bolster.

  •  The long distance swim of 100km+ begins from Holyhead to Dublin, across the Irish Sea.
  •  6 person relay in 1 hour rotation. Swimmers cannot touch the boat whilst swimming, or the team will be disqualified from their record attempt. Swimmers must only wear togs, and wetsuits aren’t allowed. To ensure they swim the whole Irish Sea, each relay swimmer begins behind the previous in the water.
  •  Observed Under English Channel Rules Observed by Irish Long Distance Swimming Association observers and documented by Marathon Swimmers Federation rules and verification (all required for GWR).
  •  Live swim tracker and interactive on board.
  •  Infinity channel Swimming will pilot and 2nd large support boat.
  •  Darina Clancy Series Producer Director on board boat to make a documentary on our adventure Pre & Post Interview.
  •  Official Guinness World Record Attempt Approx. 35 hours

You can learn more on the official event website here –