My name is Natalie i have a two year old daughter her name is Ruby.

Ruby was born with a condition called Neurofibromatosis type 1 or NF1 its a genetic condition that can cause tumors to grow on the nerves of the body and anywhere else on the body. Last year we got the bad news that Ruby had a type of brain tumor called “optic glioma” that is tumors on her optic nerves she is currently on chemo weekly for a year to try and save her sight along with this ruby has a lot of other problems one of them is high blood pressure caused by narrow veins in her kidneys she has been on lots of blood pressure medication since she was one none of the treatment so far has worked for her she has went to great Ormond Street Hospital in London last November for an angeo plasty, it wasn’t successful so recently we had to travel again to London for another angeo plasty this time we didn’t have enough money saved in the short notice we got for going back over so a lady from another charity told me about The Gavin Glynn Foundation and said she would contact them and see if they could help us out.

The next day I had a call from John Glynn and he told me he could help us out with flights accommodation and even money to spend on food and stuff we needed i honestly didn’t expect half of what they done for us and if it wasn’t for The Gavin Glynn Foundation we would of had to get loans and borrow from a lot of people to try make up the money to go and the stress of trying to pay it back on top of the worries about everything Ruby is going trough would of being so stressful especially knowing that she has to go back again in another few months for another operation because the operation this time failed again she will need to go and have a more serious operation next time and probably have the kidney removed. I’m so grateful we aren’t in a whole load of debt, I just what to say thanks so much to all involved in The Gavin Glynn foundation for everything they done for us its really a great charity and without the public support and donations we wouldn’t of had this help so thanks so much to everyone from myself Ruby and family x