Muireann (12) was feeling “generally unwell” for a short period of time before being diagnosed at the end of July 2020. She was attending her GP and just prior to her diagnosis, we visited hospital A&E for two check-ups, X-Rays etc., which didn’t indicate anything. However; within two days of the second A&E visit, Muireann’s mobility suddenly changed and we went to Temple Street – Our gymnast, camogie and fiddle player was suddenly struggling to walk! Following immediate scans, an emergency operation was scheduled that same evening to prevent the tumor from damaging her spinal cord.

Thankfully, the operation was a success and we give great thanks to the wonderful team there who came to our aid. Muireann recovered for a few days in Temple Street before being transferred to Crumlin to commence chemotherapy at the start of August 2020. After nine chemotherapy sessions and wonderful care for five months by everyone in Crumlin, we were informed at the start of December 2020 that Muireann would be sent to Essen for Proton Radiation treatment on December 27th.

As we got used to this plan, we were then introduced to the wonderful Gavin Glynn Foundation who basically made all the necessary arrangements for us to get to and stay in Germany for the duration of Muireann’s radiation treatment. It goes without saying, but we do need to actually say it – “how absolutely invaluable such help is for anyone who needs it and how easy the Gavin Glynn Foundation has made this journey for us so that Muireann can receive her treatment”. We will be forever grateful to John Glynn for his selfless work for families like us attending St. John’s Ward in Crumlin, who need to travel to Germany and other locations abroad for treatment.

We are also grateful to our work colleagues, Muireann’s school and our friends who have already raised funds for The Gavin Glynn Foundation on our behalf! In conclusion; we have met the finest and most dedicated people from our sudden arrival in Temple Street in July to now, and are sincerely grateful to everyone who has helped us in every way possible. Your kindness and support has dominated – Thank You All, Muireann, Clare and Enda Casey.


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