Hi my name is Jason. In August 2020, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I’m 14 years old I was told Im one in a million to get it. How I found out was one day I was passing blood in my urine I was put on antibiotics for it, but 2 weeks later I was in agony I couldn’t pass urine. My mum rushed me to mercy A&E cork where they done an emergency operation to release the pressure on my bladder, my bladder was full of blood clots. When I was there they done a CT scan and MRI to see why this happened there they found a 11cm mass on my prostate, the mass was pushing against my urine tube.

I had another operation to put a cafiter in my bladder and my Hickman (freddie) for my upcoming treatments. Within a couple of days I was transferred to Crumlin hospital in Dublin for chemotherapy, iv now had 5 sessions and doing good, but because of where the mass is an operation is not possible so I would need proton radiotherapy in Essen in Germany. My social worker told me of this fantastic charity that could help me get to Germany, The Gavin Glynn Foundation. My mum spoke to John in the charity a very nice down to earth man, he done everything he could to get me over to Germany. The costs of my trip was generously donated from great people wanting to help children like me. The foundation arranged all the transport, flights, apartment and living expenses. I really want to say thank you to John and all the generous donors if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be in Germany now receiving my proton radiotherapy. #TeamGavinGlynn #neverevergiveup 


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