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08/06/2019 I was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma a form of cancer.
I remember waking up that morning worrying about my maths and science exam that was on Monday. Knowing very little that I was going to receive the worst news of my life. Even tears fill my eyes thinking of this day. But the moment they told me I remember it just broke me. I cried for three days solid knowing the thought that this cancer could kill me put me in a really dark place, and I thought that I’d never be happy again.
Not only the fact that I’d cancer also that I’d lose all of my hair. My friends know that I loved my hair but knowing that I’d look different from everyone else made me extremely upset and sad. I thought I wouldn’t be able to leave the house that everyone would think different of me that I’d stand out.
I also had to give up sports which made everything a whole lot worse because I played for Meath at the time and we just won our Leinster and was in to the all Ireland’s.
But then I realised that this treatment is going to save my life that instead of crying about it I should be great full. Because life is so precious and at any moment it can be taken away. But the one thing that got me through and seen the light again that I thought I never would was my friends and family. The amount of love and support I got from everyone gave me the confidence and happiness that I needed. Without them I wouldn’t be here today I even start going outside in public without my hat on, and yeah people do stare but it’s normal because I know if I was in there situation I’d probably do the same thing.
I was in a very dark place and I never wanted to be in that situation again so I promised myself to never let myself get that upset again. Since my diagnosis not a day went by that I didn’t have a smile on my face. But there will be days when it does get hard because chemotherapy is quite strong but it never brings me down.
This has thought me that everybody has a chance to do and be whoever they want. Because each and everyone of us are healthy and have a long life ahead us.
It’s so easy to be kind because we have an amazing future ahead of us. Because this day u are writing your own future but your not writing in pen, your writing in pencil which means you can make as many mistakes as u like and change it rub it out be a better person. Even saying hello to someone u don’t know a friendly smile can mean the world to someone. Ask your friends are you ok? And ask them again are you really ok I’m here for you, you know that. Because even the smallest of things can mean so much to someone. I’m writing to prove to everyone that having cancer doesn’t mean your life’s over. It just means it’s on pause for a little while.
Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this. I also want to say thank you to everyone who took part in #aoifesarmy it helped me and my family so much.

-Aoife Hughes, 16yrs old

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