Luiza is only 6 years old, but since she was a baby, she seemed to be very smart for her age. She has always loved exercising and, lately, she enjoys gymnastics and Camogie. Luiza also loves arts, writing, reading, and playing with her little sister, Helena.
On July 25, 2023, Luiza was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a lemon. When we received this information from the doctor, our first reaction was not to believe that it was happening and to think that this was fair to us, but it was a fact and we had to fight against it.

On August 1, 2023, surgery was performed at Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street and Dr John Caird and his team did an excellent job removing 99% of the tumour.
Soon after, we were informed that the tumour type was a medulloblastoma and we would need Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy as part of the treatment. The doctor shared that the radiotherapy would probably have to be carried out in Germany or the UK as Ireland does not have Proton treatment.

So, we started looking for information about the treatment and how we would go to the other country, and that’s when we discovered the Gavin Glynn Foundation. John called me and informed me that the Gavin Glynn Foundation would support us, but I didn’t expect to be so well supported. John and Jayne took care of everything for us, from accommodation and flight tickets to transportation from the Airport to the Hotel.

Without them in our lives, everything would have been even more difficult.

We are currently in Manchester and Luiza has already started treatment. We still have a long journey ahead, but I have faith that our princess will be fine soon, and we will be stronger than ever before.

We will be eternally grateful to the Gavin Glynn Foundation and today we already feel part of the foundation.

Luiza’s family

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