This is the beautiful Kaci she is aged 13.
In 2017 Kaci started to experience back pain ,sometimes vomited temperature. After lots of trips back and forward to the the doctor and temple street we couldn’t find the cause of the pains. Kaci was always very active she done karate twice a week, she was also doing her swimming lessons. She was doing junior lifeguard training.
Kaci was really enjoying herself ,but as the weeks were going on the back pain was getting worse …back to the doctor we went and he sent us back to hospital still couldn’t find the cause of the pain.
They recommended physiotherapy because it could be a pulled muscle . We tried that put she was in to much pain they couldn’t touch her …so back to doctor and we explained to him the pain Kaci was in …at the start it was always at night time Kaci was in pain, but as the weeks went on it was all the time.
She was finding it hard to walk for long as she had pain and pressure in her lower back .
We went to temple street they checked Kaci out again…I asked for MRI scan so they sent us home and made an appointment for MRI scan two weeks later on 20th may 2020 .
That’s when they found she had a tumour on her spine .What a day it was!!. It was an emotional day but at the same it was a relief because we knew Kaci had went through so much pain but just couldn’t explain to us how or where the pain was exactly.
Every night sitting up because she couldn’t lie down with the pain. We stayed in temple street for the night .They set a date for the following week to operate on Kaci 27th May.
They removed the tumour everything went well .Kaci recovered brilliant she was up walking around. Few days in hospital and she was home the pain was gone .
Kaci has regularly check up every 6 months.
The last check up was June thats when they found that there are spots coming back so they recommended Kaci to have proton beam therapy. We are going to Manchester on Saturday to meet the doctors… then we go back in August to have 6 weeks of proton beam therapy . Both hospital and doctor’s nurse’s have being brilliant with Kaci .
The Temple Streets Doctor Cairds team and Crumlin’s Doctor Carpra team .
The social worker told us about this charity called The Gavin Glynn Fountain she told us to contact them.
She said he is brilliant and he will look after us …and that exactly what he has done such a lovely man …after one phone call John has arranged flights accommodation transport for us to go together as a family.
He just helped so much took the stress away of having to look for flights and where to stay .
Thank you so much .
Kaci and family


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