After years of waiting, our miracle Jimmie arrived, we were overjoyed…This is him aged 3. Jimmie is a caring, gentle, fun-loving, clever little boy… who makes us laugh all the time and loves to use the cheeky middle finger, along with a signature dance move, known as the “Jimmie shimmy”, he is a very special little character. The 20th March 2019 was the day that cancer walked into our lives and turned our world upside down. It all began with a pain in his tongue, which moved into his cheek then into his ear along with swelling of the left hand side of his face. After months of little sleep and a very sad little boy, we brought him to a number of GPs, Temple Street, a pediatric dentist, ENT specialist then eventually found our way to Crumlin where after an initial ultrasound and MRI we were given the shocking news that Jimmie had a 7cm tumour in a very complex area called the Infratemporal Fossa and that he would need to start intense chemotherapy immediately.

Jimmie has undergone 7 of 9 rounds of chemotherapy and now needs to receive Proton Beam radiation therapy in Essen, Germany. We recently welcomed a beautiful little girl into our family called Phoebe who is now 1 month old. And so Jimmie, Phoebe, David and I will relocate to Essen on the 01st September to embark on the next phase of this journey towards curing our little man. We were given very little notice in terms of the move and had I not of had John Glynns mobile number to call that day, I’m sure I would of had a meltdown of some sort! Within an hour of a speaking to John, we had a plan and understood exactly what to expect and above all felt as if we were not on our own. After speaking to John, all calm was restored and David and I went to bed that night with our two beautiful children knowing all was going to be OK.

To John, nothing is a problem and what the Gavin Glynn Foundation does is instrumental in helping families at a time of intense emotional stress and anxiety. We are eternally grateful to John for everything he does and are proud Ambassadors of The Gavin Glynn Foundation.

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