On the 12th of April this year we were given the devastating news that our little girl had Cancer…Our world was instantly turned upside down as we tried to comprehend how this could happen to our happy, healthy little girl always smiling, singing and up to mischief!! You never believe this could happen to you!! Grace was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma a rare form of Bone Cancer in her left pelvis, in the days that followed Grace had to have a biopsy and further scans to ensure cancer was localised, fortunately it was so we felt very hopeful!! Grace has endured 6 months of gruelling Chemotherapy and 28 fractions of Radiotherapy and is still smiling!! Luckily the treatment has worked and our next step is Surgery in The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham,  which Grace will have on the 13th December.

John from the ‘Gavin Glynn Foundation’ got in contact with me when he heard we were going to Birmingham for Grace’s Surgery and explained how the Foundation could help, I was and still am completely blown away with how ‘The Gavin Glynn Foundation’ have helped us. We are going to Birmingham on the 10th of December and will be there for Christmas which will be a bit different this year but the greatest gift Heath, Sam and I could ask for is our girl better. John has organised Flights, Accommodation and Transport for us, we will be forever grateful for what the foundation have done for us.