Freceived_10207464874445656abian is a beautiful  2 year old boy from Cork.

Unfortunately Fabian was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2016 and has had several surgeries to remove the tumor in Temple Street Hospital.

Shane (Fabian Dad) got in contact wih The Gavin Glynn Foundation through his social worker in Crumlin hospital to see if we could help them. Fabian would need to travel to the Proton Center in Essen for 6-7 weeks of treatment.

The Gavin Glynn Foundation team have so far helped the Family go to Essen for their initial assessment and now for his treatment. We arranged all transport including travel to and from the airports, all flights, expenses and accommodation costs for duration of the treatment in Essen.

Fabian’s father Shane’s account of dealing with Cancer –

Friday the 6th of May is a day myself and my wife will not soon forget. On the Puffin Ward of Cork University Hospital 4 medical staff are standing around us giving is the news that our little man Fabian has a brain tumour. A child who up until a couple of weeks previous had not been sick a day in his life. Instead of heading home that day after what we thought was just going to be a routine scan to say everything was fine we were heading to Dublin’s Temple Street Children’s Hospital and our beautiful son to surgery the following Tuesday. We were left under no illusion by the surgical team as to the seriousness of the situation Fabian found himself in if left untreated and what potentially could go wrong in surgery over the next few weeks and months. It was hard to process what was going at the time. We couldn’t say it to anyone for days, how do we tell Fabians sister, our families this news? We were not sure of anything ourselves. The only one thing we could now be sure of was that Fabians long term survival rested on us handing over control of his life to people we had just met. As husband and wife this was both an easy decision and a very difficult one. We knew him best, knew his likes and dislikes, what he
wanted and needed, now overnight all of this was about to change. We would become bystanders as our child went through some very tough days. All we could do was support each other in those darkest moments, try and be strong for one another hold onto the belief that everything was going to be OK.

Looking back now I don’t think anybody said to me the words ‘your child has cancer’ I don’t blame anyone for that, I find it tough to say it myself. Maybe this is part of the reason why it is not highlighted more or why there is a lot less information or guidance available. Maybe it is because it is so unfair almost unthinkable that a child who has not been given a chance to start living a life now has to fight a battle that the strongest of adults will struggle with.

Something needs to change, it’s only when you are in the system that you then see how many families it is affecting.

But the children will remain resilient, how can a child have the most terrible of days and still manage a smile and a hug for Mammy and Daddy? Fabian has shown a strength and courage that defies his age. He is 2 now and if this is his fight let it be the only fight of his life as he deserves nothing but love and happiness from here on in. He has become our hero when we should be his.received_10207464848605010

received_10207466252080096Getting through these last few months would not have been possible without the love and support of Fabians sister and best friend Lauren, family and friends, all the medical staff and our employer Merck Cork who have given us the time and support to be there for Fabian whenever he has needed it.

We are hopefully now on the final leg of our journey in getting and keeping Fabian 100% tumour free here at the Proton Radiotherapy Centre in Essen Germany.

The Gavin Glynn Foundation have been an incredible life line in this time of our lives. I personally have never been one to ask for help to easily (typical of the Irish male) but from the first time I contacted John Glynn he was incredibly supportive, I came away knowing I had done the rite thing. I knew now there was someone who would help us out with the large and small while we took this journey. They have experienced it themselves they know the struggles and have helped numerous families in the past and are helping families now. The fact remains that when your child is sick and you need to travel for treatment the costs at home remain the same, the bills don’t stop they will keep coming and be waiting for you when you get back.

The Gavin Glynn Foundation have allowed us not to worry so much about this and concentrate 100% instead on getting Fabian through his treatment. We have been able to travel here to Essen with a lot less stress and pressure, for this we will be forever thankful. We are in contact with each other on a regular basis checking up on Fabians treatment and how everyone is getting on, the offer of help and assistance is always there.

They deserve all the happiness and success now and into the future because they have gone above and beyond to help us and other families like us. Gavin’s legacy will live on in the families they have helped in their most difficult of times.