The month of May this year Eoin started to take unwell. His appetite wasn’t great, he was sleeping a bit more very high temperatures to very low temperatures and was admitted to hospital twice but it was put it down to virus.

A few weeks into July Eoin still wasn’t himself, so we took him to our on GP discovered he had tonsillitis.  A few days after that we notice Eoin belly was hard and swollen it was a Friday evening we thought we better get him checked out just incase so we rang the doc and we were told to go A&E which we did and we were looked after a amazing nurses and doctors.

Saturday morning the doctor came in to check on him and asked if they could a ultrasound sound. I was on my way out when I got the phone call the doctor wanted to speak to the two of us. And unfortunately we got the news that no parents want to hear, they had found a tumour on Eoin’s liver and we needed to go our Lady’s Children Hospital in Crumlin.

Sunday morning Paul, myself and Eoin headed off to crumlin. We were met our consultants who was going to be looking after Eoin.

We made a plan Eoin was to get a biopsy done. Eoin was diagnosed with Malignant Rhabdaid Tumour of Liver. The baddest of the all. We were heartbroken 💔 we made another plan, the consultants would talk to surgeons in King’s College Hospital in London, and while we wait for their response we did one round of chemo. Then a week or two after that we flew out to London we’re they would operate on Eoin and they did more than we could ask for.


Then once Eoin was recovered we headed back to Crumlin were we got the unfortunate news that Eoin would have about 6 months left to live. We had done everything could for Eoin, we made the hardest decision we would go home to make the most memorable memories with our baby boy Eoin.


The Gavin Glynn foundation is amazing charity who helped us out in every way possible, to John Gavin daddy, who does the most amazing work looking after families who to travel abroad would of been lost without his support.
We would like thank The Gavin Glynn foundation and to John and to all his family/ supporters from the bottom of hearts thank you for everything.
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