DDominicominic is our 5 years old, out youngest son.The happiest boy and the kind of kid that can’t stand still for one minute. He enjoys playing outside with his brother Darius and even when they are inside the house they can’t stop chasing after each other.

On 27th May we went to Temple Street because he was feeling sick and had very bad headaches.
That was the day when all our lives changed. The worse nightmare of any parent : our son Dominc was diagnosed with brain tumor.

He had his first brain surgery on 7th June and then the second one on 21st June. The tumor is Ependimoma Grade 2. The doctors were happy with the result of the surgery and after a slow recovery we took our son home.


Less than 2 days later he started loosing balance and feeling sick again. We brought him to Temple Street Hospital again and he had another emergency operation for installation of a SHUNT.

Dominic Dominic

We are now getting ready to go to Germany – Essen to start his proton therapy and I have to say I never expected to meet such amazing people as I did with John Glynn and Jayne.

They took a huge stress off our shoulders by taking care of everything related to our trip in Germany.  We will forever be grateful.

Now all we can do is hope that Dominic will be ok, because we really miss him running around the house and playing with his brother and his friends.

Dominic Dominic

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