On August 19th this year our lives changed overnight when our beautiful, happy and always smiling baby boy Daithí was diagnosed with a brain tumour behind his right eye.
Daithí is a very happy little man with a huge love for Paw Patrol, Blaze & the Monster Machine but most of all enjoys being just taken for spin in the car which makes his day. When Daithí’s tumour was found he was transferred from the C.U.H in
Cork to Temple Street Children’s hospital in Dublin where he received the best of care from all the doctors and nurses. Following further scans and tests he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma he then went from Temple Street to Crumlin where he now receives his chemotherapy aswell as in the Mercy Hospital in Cork. Daithí has responded very well to his chemotherapy however it was deemed necessary that further treatment is required and so now we begin his journey to Essen, Germany. The radiation treatment has been organised by Daithí’s medical and surgical team in Crumlin.
We have received great support from all our family and our friends but we cannot begin to express how grateful and appreciative we are to John and the foundation for reaching out to us and been on the other end of the phone to help with the organisation and guidance. We cannot thank them enough.