Just shy of her 6th birthday Clíodhna was what you’d call a healthy, happy and active little girl but on August 19th she started having early morning vomiting that lasted for a week, after bringing her to her local GP he decided to get her checked out at A&E Galway for dehydration.
Luckily the young doctor who assessed Clíodhna that night requested an MRI after hearing of her symptoms and within 48hrs we were told the devastating news that they had found a brain tumour, that night the 29th of August Clíodhna was rushed to Temple St Children’s Hospital in Dublin where they had a bed waiting for her and on September 4th seemingly the longest day of our lives, Dr John Caird and his great team performed Surgery and thankfully they were able to remove all of the tumour.

But a week later we were informed that Clíodhna had a Grade 3 Ependymoma and that the she would need to do 33 sessions of Proton Radiation Therapy in Essen, Germany.
Within a few shorts weeks our whole world had been turned upside down to say the least!

From them on John Glynn & The Gavin Glynn Foundation Team stepped in and was able to arrange everything from flights to accommodation etc for us, with out him we wouldn’t have known where to even start!

Clíodhna is currently undergoing treatment right now in Essen and is doing well thank god!
We are and forever will be grateful to The Gavin Glynn Foundation for everything they have done to help our family in these troubling times.
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