This is Cara aged 15 and the eldest of our 3 kids. She has a passion for horses and spends most of her time with her horse Ziva. Whilst sitting her junior cert she started complaining about getting neck pain which we had put down to her studying. A week later the pain was getting worse and she had fallen of her horse so we brought her to Crumlin. She had an mri the following day and that’s where our nightmare begun. We were transferred to Beaumont 4 hours later to be told she had a 5 cm medulloblastoma brain tumor. After a 9 hour successful operation we were told she would proton therapy in Germany along with 6 cycles of chemotherapy.

We got in touch with the Gavin Glynn foundation and John and his team have been amazing organizing flights and accommodation and providing financial support to us. We arrived out for our 2 day consultation in Germany when Cara was rushed in to hospital with meningitis and a build up of fluid on her brain. She had another long but successful operation and we are hoping to be out in a couple of days and to start her treatment next week. Again John and his team were there to help. Without the Gavin Glynn Foundation we would be lost. We will never be able to thank them enough for all the support they have given us over the past few weeks. Catherine, Paul, Cara, Dillon and Tiarnan


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