Please read the below story about Cadhla who we are helping. Thank you to Pam (Cadhla mum) who also had RB as a child and lost her own sight for sharing their story.
Cadhla was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma when she was 10 weeks old.
She was being checked as a precaution for it as I had both eyes removed when I had it at 14 months. It was never clear though whether it was genetic as nobody else in my family had it and it couldn’t be traced back
Cadhla also has 2 older siblings who are now 17 and 19 and they are both fine so it was quite a shock when it was discovered with her. Her tumours are bilateral but it is mostly her right eye that has been affected.
She had 6 cycles of chemo in Crumlin hospital plus laser and Cryotherapy in Temple street.
We were told there was always a risk of tumours coming back or new ones growing when chemo finished.
Unfortunately the tumours came back and a couple of new ones also developed so temple street said she would have to go to Birmingham for specialist treatment.
Cadhla has been having laser there which seems to be working so far. She will need at least 6 more rounds of laser. Her left eye has 1 tumour but is not affecting her vision.
Her right eye has a big tumour at the centre and a couple at the edges so sight will be blurry for her in that eye.
The Gavin Glynn Foundation has been helping us with all our travel and costs for the trips to Birmingham since November last year and we are so thankful to them for all their support.

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