14680692_1267288466649590_4178088234268788588_nThe Gavin Glynn foundation supports families of children with childhood cancer who need to travel abroad but the important word here is ‘support’ as they are there every single step of the way. John who is Gavin Glynns proud daddy was for us ALWAYS the other end of the phone and I can’t explain how important this is when your the parent of a sick child.

I reached out to the Gavin Glynn foundation in a time where I was feeling abandoned by the doctors in Ireland (of course I knew they weren’t actually abandoning Ben but it feels that way when you can see them scratching their heads not sure what to do next, you can hear and see the fight leaving them and dreaded words ‘palliative care’ keep creeping into conversations)

We were offered by John an ear, an understanding and a guarantee that they would help…..priceless.

The Gavin Glynn foundation paid for our flights and accommodation, they were always only the other end of the phone and constantly checking in making sure we were doing ok, we had everything we needed ect.
When in America and we were told things had changed and we should go home we were also told ‘its impossible to get Ben on a flight in the next 24hours because of logistics’ it was The Gavin Glynn foundation who got our first call and I knew if anyone can get us home it’s John….and he did, in fact he didn’t stop day and night until he did!!!

This is what the Gavin Glynn foundation do – they offer endless SUPPORT to any families who need it!

Ps. The pics included are all from our time in America where the Gavin Glynn foundations support was always present!