This is our amazing daughter Ella, she is 8 years old and loves to be dancing, singing, playing Camogie, soccer and horse riding! She’s such a bubbly little person,
Summer 2018 was back and forth to the hospital with pains in her hip, which progressed to a lump and unfortunately like so many, was misdiagnosed with growing pains! It wasn’t till she was reeling in pain and rushed to hospital in an ambulance and after scans that she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. It’s hard to explain the feeling that goes through you when your told this life changing news, September was a blur, the initial aim was to control the pain, it was horrific being by her side and unable to do anything, thankfully after a dose of chemo the lump shrunk enough to relieve her sciatic nerve.
Here we are now just about to start round 14 of 18 , about to head to Germany for Proton therapy and finish with surgery in Birmingham. Ella has been through so much and still has a lot to do but she keeps smiling, cracking jokes and making us all laugh! Her two brothers Josh and Sean are brilliant at keeping her laughing too,
We take each day as it comes, making sure we are having as much fun as possible along the way, her nurses and doctors at Crumlin and The Mercy are incredible, they make hospital trips a fun experience as best they can.
At the beginning of treatment we were told there will be chemo, radiotherapy and surgery. When we were told that we could travel to Germany for proton therapy we grabbed it with both hands and only after we got home, the realization of organizing the trip hit home. It was overwhelming until I was put in contact with John, and by the time I finished the telephone call, it was like a weight had been lifted. Just amazing! So here we are ready for our trip next week, everything looked after, it was just like we’d been rescued by a super hero, by Gavin Glynn foundation. Thank you so much,
Tony & Amy, Josh Sean and Ella Dempsey